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Our offers are subject to confirmation if nothing else has been stated. The quantities of any offer should only be considered guiding and non-binding. Debiting will happen according to the actually delivered quantities. The order confirmation is applicable if nothing else has been agreed upon, but may be affected by the changes of exchange rates, customs duty, prices and taxes. The exchange rate reservation is based on the rate level of the day’s offer, unless a specific basic rate has been mentioned in the offer.
The prices stated are excl. VAT, taxes, and packaging.


If nothing else has been agreed upon, the price for shipping will be the buyer’s responsibility and risk ex works Middelfart.


Delivery times will be respected as far as possible, but we do not assume responsibility for the consequences of any delays. The buyer cannot demand any compensation, including compensation for financial losses, increased transport- and delivery costs or the like, no matter why the delay has occurred. In the event of a strike, lockout, import restrictions, other force majeure or operation obstacles for our suppliers or other circumstances with which we have no control, our delivery time will be suspended with a time frame corresponding to the duration of the obstacle in question.

The company reserves the right to cancel the order if the abovementioned delivery obstacles for the execution of an order either cannot, or can only under great cost, be redressed.


The terms of payment apply from the invoice date without deduction of cash discount.
If payment is delayed, we reserve the right to charge extra interests, corresponding to 6 % above the at all times current bank rate.

Complaints and our responsibility

Complaints about delivered goods are only valid if they are declared as soon after delivery as possible. Nothing may be done to the product under complaint without prior agreement with us.
Complaints do not justify repeal, compensation or proportional reduction of price or detention of payment for the goods.
Our responsibility - also product responsibility- is, regardless of whether any flaws can be attributed to us, limited to repairing flaws or replacing the goods without extra charge. Our responsibility only includes flaws that can be directly attributed to our order. Costs in relation to the finding of the flaw, possible dismounting, shipping and reinstallation is not a part of our responsibility, but lie with the customer. Our responsibility never includes the responsibility for operational losses, time loss, profit loss or other indirect losses. During processing of customers’ materials, we reserve the right to have an ordinary percentage of waste.

Please notice that our obligation to repair any flaws or supply you with new goods does not include:

a) Damages sustained during transportation when we have not been responsible for transport.

b) Corrosion damages.

c) Damages caused by misuse.

d) Damages caused by incorrect use.

e) Damages caused by abnormal operating conditions.

For personal damage that occurs due to defects of the products and/or services (product responsibility), we are liable for direct loss to the degree that responsibility can be placed on us according to ordinary laws.

To cutting of wire, some special, additional conditions apply which will be enclosed in offers of execution of the tasks mentioned, and with which the customer is asked to become acquainted.
A possible suit will be settled by our local court. Any disputes will be settled by Danish law.

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